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  • Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC (“PRA, LLC”) reached a comprehensive agreement with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (“CFPB”) that resulted in the entry of a Stipulated Final Judgment and Order (“Order”) in 2023, which requires, in part, PRA, LLC to provide redress (refund money) to certain Consumers. For more information on the litigation, please visit the Related Documents section of the Home Page.

  • The Order defines the CFPB’s expectations of PRA, LLC in terms of oversight of this redress matter. To ensure appropriate efforts are made to Redress Consumers, PRA, LLC will monitor the on-going success of the redress matter and provide regular reporting to the CFPB, and an audit of the redress process will be conducted.

  • The letter you received contains an explanation about how the refund amount was calculated. If you require additional information, please reference JNDLA's contact information at the bottom of the page.

  • If you were unable to cash your check or did not receive your check, please visit the Check Reissue page of the website.

  • To update your address, please visit the Check Reissue page of this website. Please allow time for us to sufficiently review and verify the submission before reissuing a check to the new address.

  • In the event that JND Legal Administration, LLC (“JNDLA”) is contacted by the US Trustee presiding over a Consumer’s active bankruptcy estate, and the Trustee advises that any redress payment issued to the Consumer in this matter is in fact the property of the bankruptcy estate, we will work with the Trustee to obtain documentation supporting issuance of the payment to the US Trustee for the benefit of the bankruptcy estate.

  • In the event JNDLA is contacted by an executor, and the executor provides the following information and documentation to verify executorship of the debt, the check will be reissued to the executor:

    • A copy of the death certificate,
    • A copy of a legal document that identifies and authorizes the personal representative to serve as administrator of the estate, and
    • A copy of the personal representative’s government issued ID.

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